9 Signs That You Need a New Car


Cars are absolutely essential to daily life here in the United States. We become attached to our cars, so much so that we even give them names, just as you might do with a pet. But did you know that sometimes longevity when it comes to car ownership is not always a good idea? Here…

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Introducing the new Toyota Supra


Seen in movies such as Need For Speed and The Fast and the Furious as well as several other films, television shows and music videos is the Toyota Supra which is about to make a superb and modernized much anticipated sequel of its own. Coming to a dealership near you in the very near future…

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Return of the Nissan Z Series


Nissan has found a nice blend sporty and reasonably priced in its 370z Nismo. Handles like a sports car, with a strong V6 engine that does everything you would want it to, and a particularly beautifully designed interior. Just to add some joy to the driving experience they have also installed a Bose sound system…

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