9 Signs That You Need a New Car

need-a-new-carCars are absolutely essential to daily life here in the United States. We become attached to our cars, so much so that we even give them names, just as you might do with a pet. But did you know that sometimes longevity when it comes to car ownership is not always a good idea? Here are 9 signs that you need to trade in your car for a newer model.


  1. You get the “check your engine” alert

If you get the “check your engine” alert for every little bump in the road, then that is a sign that it is time to trade in your vehicle. This is an indication that your car will most likely not be likely to detect the more serious issues down the road.


  1. High cost of repairs

If you are constantly have to pay an exorbitant sum for car repairs, then it might be time to turn in your vehicle. It is a sign that your car is getting too old when the cost of your car repairs cost more than the total cost of the car.


  1. Constantly purchasing gas

If you have to fill up your gas tank more than once a week, then your car might be getting too old. Many older cars often require more gas as they are not as gas efficient as the newer models.


  1. Even a little rust can hurt

A rusty car is not good for the integrity of your car. A little rust here and there can be easy to ignore. But rust can spread quickly and when it does, it can hurt your vehicle.


  1. More than a 100,000 miles

Logging more than 100,000 miles on your vehicle is a good thing. It means that you have done a great job taking care of your car. But the longer you go with a vehicle that has more than 100,000 miles, the more likely that your vehicle will start to break down.


  1. Leaving car doors unlocked

If you are not worried about leaving your car doors unlocked, then you might want to consider upgrading to a newer vehicle. If you are not worried about your car getting stolen, then someone else won’t want it either.


  1. Safety features

What kind of safety features do you have in your current vehicle? If the safety features are minimal at best, then you might want to trade it in for a newer version. Safety features can make the difference between a crash or swerving away. Safety features can save lives.


  1. Duct tape is your go-to friend

If you are using duct tape to “fix” your car, then it might be time to get a newer vehicle. Cars are not meant to be held down by duct tape. It might be a great temporary solution. But, in the long term, it only contributes to the general wear and tear of the car.


  1. Your kid wants to walk

If your kid does not want a ride to school, then it might be a sign that they are embarrassed by your car. While this could be a sign of vanity or peer pressure, you might also want to reevaluate the car that you are driving.

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