Introducing the new Toyota Supra

Seen in movies such as Need For Speed and The Fast and the Furious as well as several other films, television shows and music videos is the Toyota Supra which is about to make a superb and modernized much anticipated sequel of its own. Coming to a dealership near you in the very near future is an advanced and eye appealing new version of the Supra.

The Toyota Supra has come a long way since the two-door sports car was first introduced during a time when its competition was the Z car from Datsun in the year 1978. Supra introduced its first turbocharged version in 1987 and began its legacy of quality performance, but that’s not all the Supra was known for. The Supra came with adjustable suspension and a brake system that was known to make it great for racing. Car enthusiasts from all over the world have been anxious to see what Toyota would create for their newest Supra since the late 1990’s when the last model was out.

Toyota will be working along with BMW to create the newest version of the Supra. The new Supra is based on the FT-1 sports car and though it will have the same basic sporty design there will be some modern modifications added. The hood will have a physically longer appearance and there will be more air intakes in comparison to older versions. To keep the sports car demeanor, the new Supra will be made out of carbon fiber, aluminum, and other lightweight materials.

The interior of the new Supra will be minimalistic in style but have an expensive look to it. Standard will be a 10-inch touch screen that will allow you to control most of the cars features and functions that include the best JBL sound system and an internet connection. The seats will appear as race car like and in this model the passenger seat will be roomier and allow for more leg room. The interior cabin of the vehicle will be swathed in black leather. It’s also been rumored that the new Supra will be available as a convertible and equipped with 17 inch tires. To help save power and give it a stunning look the Supra will also have LED head lights. The brilliantly designed headlights will provide the car a sophisticated appearance. As well as a long, sleek race car look the Supra carries with it an aggressive demeanor that will have Toyota Supra fans thrilled.

The new Supra engine will be available as a 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine with the option of 190 horsepower, 145 horsepower, and 270 horsepower. The engine may also be available as a 6-cylinder engine or a hybrid power plant.
A price range for the new Toyota Supra will be between $50,000 and $55,000. Though there is no exact date as far as availability goes, it’s being said that they should be on sale by the end of 2016 or early 2017. Toyota Supra will take first place with this amazing new version!

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