Return of the Nissan Z Series


Nissan has found a nice blend sporty and reasonably priced in its 370z Nismo. Handles like a sports car, with a strong V6 engine that does everything you would want it to, and a particularly beautifully designed interior. Just to add some joy to the driving experience they have also installed a Bose sound system to complete the package, so not only does it look good, it sounds good too.

The Return of the Z

This is the most recent “Z” model coupe or convertible since 2009, and maintains all the features that are now expected with this model. The sporty look, six-cylinder rear wheel is being credited as still being one of “top-tier” sports cars in its class by Edmunds (
Although Nissan has added perhaps more of a sedan feel in the actual experience by way of noise reduction and a luxurious interior, there is still no mistaking this as a classic Nissan sports model. The price itself may be what separates the “Z” from all other cars that might compete this year. As of yet there is no real competition in pricing when it comes to two seat sports cars.

Two Styles and Still a Classic

With two body styles available, soft top convertible (Roadster) or the hatchback coupe the two looks have some distinct differences but the hatchback doesn’t lose one iota of that sports car feel. Both come with the same strong engine and great handling. It is worth noting though, that there are different packages that come with each model.

One of the critiques of the newest “Z” model is that it really isn’t new enough. For the die hard who fell in love with this series that might be a good thing, but many experts make quick mention that most all its contemporaries have updated.

Z Fast

Even with some of the rumblings, this proven and quick engine can’t be denied. The results, 0 to 60 in 5.1, speak for themselves. This is also that one engine that allows for more than enough torque while being able operate within a wide RPM range. It should also be noted that the two “Z” models do have considerable upgrade packages if just a few more horses were desired or a bit more of sporty look was wanted.

While it may not be the best economical vehicle out there, as far as sports cars go it isn’t all that bad either. There are some rumors about this being the last “Z” model with this engine under the hood, which would probably be a shame, but we still have this one.

So there it is in a nutshell. Cheap, no. Yet a car that is definitely going to give the driver a bang for the buck and if you are a fan of the “Z” series you should be impressed. This isn’t going to be the fastest car on the road, but it is fast. Looks great and for those not wanting to break the bank this may just be that ride that gives you a reason to smile.

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